Monday, 21 June 2010

Sorry for the lack of posts!

Hi guys! Just thought I'd better post and let you all know that I haven't left the country! Unfortunately, I have been tied to my computer chair designing for the next disc and so haven't had much chance to play around with hoo! I'll do my best to post something in the next couple of days, until then...Happy crafting!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Birthday Boy times two!

What a week! Sorry I've not posted for a while, this week has been hectic! Sunday saw DH manage to slice his finger with an angle grinder, fitted with a sanding disc, whilst grinding the rust from the wheel arches of my Renault! A trip to A&E followed, though they only patched him up with steri-strips in the end. Monday was then spent learning how to do car bodywork! It's amazing what you can turn your hand to when needed, and I have to admit, I was quite surprised with the result!!

I've also been arranging flowers for a friend's wedding in August, another of my many hobbies! On Friday I had a lovely day out in Llandudno with Mum, we had a browse round the shops and spent a bit of cash in the craft shop (of course!). One of my purchases was a Dovecraft 6x6 Paper Pack, called Masculine, so I decided to make a couple of creations using them and one of the images I found at Arthur's Clipart which I coloured using old faithful - Photoshop! I love the way they've turned out, though once again, you'll probably have to excuse the quality of the photos, as I was taking them at 9pm when the light was starting to go...