Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Sorry for the lack of posts, again!!

The days seem to be flying by, I can't believe it's Christmas a week on Saturday!  Although I've been busy making cards, I have, uselessly, managed to photograph none of them!!  I must have made well over 50 cards in the last month between orders for local people, to fill my 'box' in a nearby restaurant and to give to the local Xmas fair for selling, and I am pretty much carded out!  I can't wait for all the orders to be completed and Christmas holidays to be here, so that I can just play when I want to...not to mention getting my craft room back to some sort of order...again!!  We put the tree up on the weekend and there are now empty boxes that the decorations came out of, strewn around the house - I don't know where to put them all because it won't be long and I'll need them to put the decorations away again!  It seems a lot of hassle for a day, but it's worth it when you see the excited faces on Christmas morning!

Hope everyone is recovering from the snow, mind you, they're threating us with it again by the end of the week - it was beautifully pretty, but a total inconvenience.... we didn't have the snow too deep, just minus 13 degree temperatures!!  I went through a month's coal in a fortnight trying to keep the house warm!  I'm trying to fit in making by brother and sister-in-law's Christmas presents, I have warned them that it is what they asked for and not to expect too much, but it's much more personal...I promise to take a photograph and post it after Christmas Day (in case they happened to hop by!)  Last year, I made them a patchwork owl doorstop...

... he was rather lovely and I would've been quite happy to keep it myself if they hadn't like it!  Plus I did a pair of encaustic art landscapes, something else I would like to have a play with over the holidays.

I hope to post something for you all soon, once I have my Mojo back and can face what, at the moment is, the dreaded cardboard!  Until then, happy crafting!