Monday, 30 July 2012

Hello Blogland!

Firstly, I would like to apologise for my absence...I have been a busy little bee finishing the design work for my next disc and making samples, and although I do try to be an organised person (unsuccessfully most of the time!), I find that I have to focus on one project at a time and something had to give!  It also doesn't help that the summer holidays are now upon us and I have to try and entertain a moody teenager and enthusiastic eight year old!  I have now finished all the 'donkey work' for my next disc, which I'm hoping will be on sale at the end of next month, so sat and had a play at my table today, creating a couple more samples just for fun!
Hope you like them!

Well, it seems that the summer weather has deserted us again - let's hope that it's not the last of it - me and little man managed to get a day camping in Shell Island last week with a few friends and their children and the weather was glorious!  Little man loved the sea, splashing and jumping over the waves and melted the hearts of me and my BF when he said that it was like a dream and he couldn't quite believe that it was happening!  After collecting shells for his fish's grave (we'd found him the morning that we were going!), crab fishing (which all the kids LOVED, not to mention us adults!) and dancing into the evening at the disco, we'd had a great day, so we're hoping for more please Mother Nature!  Once again, sorry for not being around, but I hope to be blogging a bit more now that most of the work is done.  Thanks for dropping by and seeing me and I hope you're all having a good Summer, Lisa X