Saturday, 26 November 2011


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Well guys, how about this?!  I have discovered that the text insertion on all of my discs - Plush Pals, Boys2Men and 12 Cards of Christmas is editable!  By this, I mean that you can change the font, style, size and colour of the text - how great is that?!!!  When I created the discs, I created the text boxes with Rich text formatting options, but never could work out how to enable it in Adobe Reader and now I you see, it seems like we're all still learning after all!!

So, if you have any of my discs, the newsflah is that you can edit the text properties on any of the inserts and envelope toppers simply by typing your chosen text into the text field, click and drag to highlight it, then, the easiest way is to press CTRL and E and this will open the Text Properties Bar (you can open the text properties bar by going to View>Toolbars and clicking to put a tick next to Properties Bar).  Once you have opened the Properties Bar, it should remain activated whenever you go into Adobe Reader and will open when you type in text, if not, just click CTRL + E!

Hope you find this useful and that it adds another element to your creations, plus watch this space for future discs!!  Happy text editable crafting!!!!  Lisa


Kathleen said...

Thanks so much for that Lisa really great. loving your cards by the way but then what's not to like stunning as usual

Derrick said...

Just wondered if pictures of the finished cards could be posted somewhere, thekids are haveing problems understanding the instructions on the Christmas cards

(even I cant quite qwork them out

Derrick said...
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