Thursday, 16 February 2017

I've made something!...

Good morning, dear Blogger buddies! I have actually remembered to photograph a card before sending it out! This is a card commission that I had to make this week, with the only stipulation being that it was for a Sister on her 65th sometimes I curse the subject matter that some people give me to put on a card, but it can also be as difficult when you aren't given any guidance at all and are just told something pretty..I mean, something I think is pretty, somebody else might not! But this is what they've ended up with...
...I decided to go quite girly and plumped for flowers and butterflies...surely I can't go wrong with that and I hope the recipient likes it?!
Right, off to do the dreaded food shop - I've managed to eke it out to a fortnight, but the boys are complaining that there's nothing to eat in the house...they still manage to get tea every night, so I don't think they're starving just yet, but I think the combos that are left in the freezer would make some strange menu choices!!
Have a terrific Thursday, whatever you're up to!
Lisa x


Jane said...

Hi dear Lisa, it's a really gorgeous card, such perfect colours together. I agree that sometimes no guidance is worse that lots of requests...the recipient will be delighted with this one.It's Friday again...goodness me the weeks are flying but at least that means that spring is even nearer.Hope the food shop went wel.Hugs xxx

PharmacyMichele said...

Such a lovely card, very pretty & lots of lovely layers.