Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Historic Chester...

Good morning, Blogland! It's another beautifully sunny day here in North Wales and we've been making the most of the sunshine in our campervan Daisy! This last weekend, we put on our tourist glasses and visited a city which is only about an hour away from our house and which is probably overlooked by many of us (I know it was by us!)...Chester...we stayed in a little site just outside the city and spent Saturday doing a tour of the city walls - it really is a fascinating city and is steeped in history.  The architecture varies from Roman through to modern day and if you're into a bit of retail therapy, the streets are filled with a mixture of independent, boutique and high street stores.

We visited the cathedral, where there was a modern art exhibition - I have to say, we preferred the art of the cathedral itself and could've missed the Beetlejuice inspired pieces, but whatever floats your boat!
On Sunday, our eldest joined up with us and we went to Breakout Chester to see if we could beat the room...
We'd chosen one of the 3 star rooms to see how we got on and managed to break out in just over 37 minutes - almost half of the allocated time...not bad for a first go! We'll definitely be going back again, though will up to a harder level next time and it's also something that will be going on the Christmas present list as a family day out...if you're into solving puzzles, I would definitely recommend it! (Only problem was the cowboy hat wouldn't fit on my big head!)
Well, I'd best be off to make the most of this weather and get some washing on the line...have a terrific Tuesday and thanks for dropping by!

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Marianne's Craftroom said...

We keep saying we must go back as it is years since we went there. The breakout room sounds fun