Thursday, 22 April 2010

Spring is here!

To celebrate the fantastic weather we are having, I decided to have a play with some fresh colours - I don't normally do yellow, but gave myself a challenge. The tulips nestie has been sat in my box now for a couple of months (scandalous, I know!) though I never knew what to do with it and ended up with a drawer full of them , so it was time to persevere, and this was the result.

I'm quite pleased with it, though I did sit for almost an hour trying different things on the topper...who says card making is easy?! In the end, I chose another product which has been sat on a shelf since my big sister bought them for me - the Wild Asparagus stamp set from My Mind's Eye. I'm not really a stamper, though I would like to use them more, I just seem to forget about them lurking underneath everything else, not to mention the fact that you need a little bit more than a 2 inch square to work on! (yes, the space on my table is shrinking!) I'm going to have to sacrifice a couple of hours of crafting, to get this room to some sort of order - things are now 5 deep and starting to slide off the back of my craft table at an alarming rate!

My favourite product at the moment is cut and dry foam, to use for inking the edges of your card and embossing , and anywhere else I can think of...which tends to include myself! Plus with the state of my table, I think everything will have a yellow glow when I come to tidy up! Oh well, you know what they say - housework never killed anyone, but why take the risk?! On that note, I'd better go and put my washing out and make the most of this fabulous weather. Happy crafting!

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Kathleen said...

I really liked your card it has made me think about going and rooting through some of the craft things I have bought over the years and just put away and forgotten about you know what its like you see something and think oh yes I could do that then you get home and forget what it was that was done with said item (LOL)