Monday, 9 August 2010

Hi there!

Well, July has passed with a blur!! As you can see from the pics, I have been busy with other things for the last month! My friend Becky got married on Saturday, and I have been busy doing the flowers for her wedding day. Not only did I have the church flowers, but I made the bride's bouquet and six bridesmaid's too!
I am trying my best to get the design work done for the second disc, as we're off to Canada for our first family holiday abroad! I'm hoping to have the next one done for the Autumn, it's full of designs for the boys and men in our lives - something everyone seems to be wanting! I'm really pleased with the images so far and hope that it's as much of a success as the Plush Pals disc!

I have had chance to do a bit of papercrafting, though mainly card orders for people (not to mention the three I had to make for Becky's big day) I got some fantastic inspiration over at Yvonne's blogspot, she uses her nesties amazingly and I love her white on white combinations, I made this card on the same lines, though don't quite know what to put in the centre yet?!

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Crafty Joy said...

I am so looking forward to your new Cd, is there any chance you could post a little snippet to wet or appetites....please :-)