Friday, 10 September 2010

My life has been taken over by design work!

Well, hello there!! I'm back! After 2 blissful weeks in one of the most fantastic countries in the world (Canada), it's back to earth with a crashing great 'bump'! Or should I say back to my computer chair! If things carry on the way they are going, I'm going to need to get it surgically removed!!

Being fed up of tied to my computer, I decided to get out the paper and make a mess! (You should see my craft table now!?! Or maybe not!) My ever so crafty sister, over at boxercreations has been making some wonderfully different creations using the Plush Pals disc - her July 30 post was using the flower embellishment sheet and I was inspired! A bit of printing, cutting, inking and a lot of shuffling later, and this is what I came up with...

I love the way that pinching the petals changes the shape completely and a quick tip about the backing paper:

I started by printing the brown plaid paper, then turned my paper 180 degrees (not flipping it over, but rotating it) then over printed the blue plaid - because most printers have a slightly smaller top printer margin to the bottom one, the patterns are offset and you end up with a double coloured plaid, neat! The text I used is Windsong, which I have recently discovered - it doesn't look anything in thw windows sample text box, but if you use a large font size, it's rather nice.

I hope to be making and posting a bit more from now on, as the design work for the next disc is almost completed (I'll post a sneak peek soon) until then, happy crafting!

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