Monday, 4 October 2010


A big HI! to everyone who came to the Papercraft @Leigh show yesterday!!  It was a great day, even though the weather outisde was atrocious!  It was lovely to meet everyone who either already had, or bought the Plush Pals disc and the feedback for all my samples was magnificent - I hope I gave you all inspiration to have a go and make your own!

To help you along with that, as promised, here are the templates for the diamond tree ornament and elongated pyramid ornmanent that I had samples of at the show...(click on the text link..I hope they work!)

Print the template onto the back of the cardstock of your choice, score the dashed lines using a small embossing tool and ruler, then cut around the solid, outside lines.  Assemble, then use the matt templates to draw around on the reverse of the card or paper of your choice and decorate your voila!  (Make sure you thread your hanging loop before fully assembling your ornament, it's a nightmare to try and stick one in afterwards - heed the voice of experience!!)

I hope to be posting more templates and tutorials in the future, so keep looking...until then, Happy Crafting!

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