Monday, 14 March 2011

Leigh show

A big Hi!!! to all of you who managed to come along to Leigh yesterday for the Sincerely Yours Papercraft@Leigh Fair - once again, we had a wonderful day, though it passed in a blur!  It was great to meet everyone and I got some lovely feedback for the discs and samples - which is what makes my job so much nicer!  I hope you all didn't spend too much money - I never even got time to look around the other stalls, so just had to trust Mam's judgment with her 'one for me, one for you' policy!  I did end up with a lovely bag of goodies, so she did a good job!  I'll be posting some pictures of the sample cards later this week and try and post the templates that I promised Val and Laura - I haven't forgotten girls!

It's back to designing again after today, which was spent cleaning my house, washing and have to do it sometimes!  So until next time, happy crafting with your new goodies!

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