Friday, 24 August 2012

It's the final countdown!!

...Only one day to go to my first solo stand at Papercraft@Leigh Show - getting a bit jittery now!  More for the fact that I remember everything...I am a checker and re-checker and still end up forgetting something stupid!  My hubby's motto is as long as you've got your phone and purse, everything else you can buy, whereas I'll still be going through my mental list whilst travelling up the M6!! (Not that it would do me much use then, but hey ho!)  The pile of stuff in the hallway is getting bigger by the minute and I'm just hoping the boot's big enough!  My poor old Epson printer is working like a trojan again printing off posters and sample pages (it must be about 8 years old now, I don't know what I would do if it finally gives up the ghost!) and my head is full of mental post-it notes to do before I go!  So, amongst all this organised chaos, I thought I would come on and share some more of the samples that I'll be taking along to the show - although photographs never do the finished result justice...mind you, it probably has something to do with my naff photography skills, too!

  Have a great weekend, whatever you are doing and here's hoping the weather is kind (doubtful!?!).  My new disc, A Year in Cards, will also be available to buy here on my blog from tomorrow at Show price with free P&P, so if you can't make it to the show, you won't miss out!  Thanks for dropping by, Lisa X


val said...

Good Luck Lisa hope you have a good 2 days if the other cd,s are anything to go by you can,t help but win .Hope to see you on Sat . xxx VAL

Elaine said...

Hi Lisa , thank you so much for your support and encouragment and your lovely comments
These cards are fabulous , good luck for the show I am a constant checker too my hubby goes mad , I have even driven back home to check the front door is locked Hugs Elaine

Kathleen said...

Oh Lisa what fantastic looking cards, but then I new they would be. Hope things went good for you at the show so sorry I couldn't make it this weekend especially since it was your first solo show. Just ordered the disc can-not wait to get my hands on it and play.

Love Kath xx