Thursday, 17 October 2013

Aaaagghhhh!!! Mad panic!

Hi there, dear Bloggers!  Another week has flown by and unfortunately, I still have nothing to share with you, though I am being a busy bee!  We had our gas connected last Friday and so things are starting to move forward with our planned housing work.  I am now in panic mode, trying to make sure that I have completed all my card orders, DT and workshop cards up to Christmas and packing up as much of our belongings as possible before next week, as the council are finally supposed to be coming to do the works on our house!! (Only 4 months behind schedule!)  On Tuesday, they'll be coming to do structural work on our kitchen, removing the old pantry, then it's stripping out the kitchen and bathroom, rewiring, gas central heating, refitting and decorating, so we're looking at a whole lot of work!  I hope to goodness that all this talk of freak snow in November and it going to be the worst November in a 100 years is all a bit of hype, else we'll be up a certain creek without a paddle!  It has been a long and somewhat frustrating wait to get to this point and unfortunately, my crafting and blogging has taken a hit with all the uncertainty, so I just pray that things go smoothly and I can get back to some sort of normality by Christmas!  I have been visiting you all  to see your wonderful creations and inspiration and I hope to continue to do so as long as we have internet - my DT cards are all scheduled, so there will be something for you to look at and if I can, I'll be posting updates of the ongoing work!  Thank you all so much for coming to visit me today and I hope you have a fantastic weekend (only one more day to go!)
Lisa x


Sue said...

Hi Lisa. It sounds like you have been busy getting organised, I bet you are relieved that the work is finally going ahead.
I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible and fingers crossed you will be all sorted by Christmas!
Take care
hugs Sue

vickiscraft said...

Omg Lisa, can't believe they're only just starting the work on your house, thought I would be seeing some pictures of the end result!? I hope they get it all done and dusted for you before Christmas :O

Vicki x

Crafty KJ said...

Hi Lisa. That's great news about the work finally starting, must be such a relief. You're so organised with your DT work and workshops, wish I could be like that instead of my orders not being ready until the day before they are needed lol. See you soon, Karen xx

Jane said...

I am soooo delighted that the work has finally started Lisa but what a nightmare especially now that we are well into autumn. Keep that head up and I am sending a big blogging hug your way. Take care hun, Jane xx

littlebee said...

Hiya Lisa, we had the same works done around 3 years ago now and got through it. It was all worth the mess and upheaval as it improved our home greatly, especially the kitchen. Good luck with it all and hope everything goes smoothly with the works. Look forward to your scheduled posts as have been missing seeing your creations over the past months. I'm still making up lots of cards and gifts and use your cd roms very regularly. Take care. Sue x

Sarah said...

Hi Lisa, yay work finally starting - been there (in fact still there!! We are insulating the inside of our new room today ready for plasterboarding), know just what you are going through and sympathise. I'm sure it will be worth it in the end - for both of us!!!

Are you going to post piccies of the work? I'm a nosy old mare and would love to see before, after and inbetween piccies? I'm due to post some piccies of our on-going work tomorrow, incase you are interested in someone in the same boat!!

Hope you have a stress free weekend.


coops said...

thank goodness the work has finally started lisa.your must be tearing your hair out with all the stress and upheaval.fingers crossed you will have your house straight for christmas :D

xx coops xx

Katina said...

Hi Lisa, the upheaval will be worth it in the end!! As Sarah said, I'd love to see piccies too. Yes, I'm a nosey old mare too, lol!