Monday, 28 October 2013

Day 7...

Good evening,  dear Blogger friends! I thought I'd write a quick post whilst the broadband is back on! So, today saw the start of rewire - what a messy job!?! We had been warned from the start that this would be the worst part of the job,  but the dust gets everywhere! They'll be back again tomorrow to hopefully finish off, then it'll be plastering and that should then be the worst bit over! We went to Homebase over the weekend to buy ceiling, kitchen and hall paint...I know, ever the optimist! It isn't starting to look any better yet, but I'll post pics when there's obvious progress!
Hope the storm in the South hasn't caused too much damage and that you're all safe and sound - we managed to miss the worst of it, just getting the rain and blustery winds. Take care and thanks for dropping by!
Hugs, Lisa x


Jane said...

Good progress is being made Lisa....I'm so pleased. Just keep thinking of the end result ;0) The storm has passed thank goodness, the winds were incredible. Fortunately the only damage around us were a few trees and lots of branch debris. Happy Monday, hugs xx

coops said...

sounds like its all happening now lisa.i hope it is soon finished so you crack open the paint tins ;D

xx coops xx

Sarah said...

Hi Lisa, just catching up on your building works - fab pictures there. It's always difficult to get the real impression over to the blogworld isn't it! Sounds like the work is coming on well now though - and I know just what you mean about planning it out in your head and not seeing the mess but imagining the end result!

Good that you've got your MiL down the road and feeding you!!

Looking forward to more updates.